The Grimm Players were started 50 years ago by a group of parents wishing to entertain, and involve, their own and others’ children. Their first shows were based on stories by the Brothers Grimm (hence our name!) and talented members wrote the music, lyrics and words. Maureen and Luke Over, our presidents, were there from the beginning, with Luke writing some of the early shows.


The Grimms have not only continued to provide entertaining and varied productions over the years, but for the last 17 years have presented in the summer a charity-fundraising concert - Grimmbourne (Maidenhead’s version of Glyndebourne!). Since 1993 the Grimms have donated to local worthwhile causes about £30,000, mostly from Grimmbourne. Performers from other local societies also regularly take part, enjoying the opportunity of a good sing without having to learn the score by heart, or dress up in funny clothes (very appealing to the men!).


Over the last few years the timetable has been, a major production in the Desborough Theatre in February (6 performances), Grimmbourne concert in June/July (3 performances) in a local school and a cabaret in October (6 performances) in the Studio at Norden Farm Centre for the Arts.


The Grimms are different from other local theatre groups in that they do not have a paying membership and therefore can choose to do shows without having to consider provision for a large chorus (although of course there are some faithful ‘Grimmies’ who regularly perform on stage/crew back stage). Performers pay a very reasonable fee for a production and are drawn from all quarters. Auditions are always open. To give a flavour of the varied nature of our recent major productions:

  • 2016 Stepping Out the Musical
  • 2015 Annie
  • 2014 Return to the Forbidden Planet
  • 2013 Sound of Music
  • 2012 Sweet Charity
  • 2011 Brigadoon
  • 2010 Radio Times
  • 2009 High Society

The October cabarets have been extremely popular and are unique to the Grimms. They have ranged from - to give just a few of the shows - Side by Side by Sondheim, A Swell Party (Cole Porter), Cowardy Custard (Noel Coward), The World Goes ‘Round (Kander & Ebb).


The Grimmbourne concerts are often split between a Gilbert & Sullivan comic opera and a more modern musical thus providing plenty of principal roles and interestingly varied music for the chorus (40+), orchestra (large) and audience (friendly regulars).


Regular Meetings: When in rehearsal

Annual Subscription: None. Cast pay a reasonable performance fee for the show they’re in.

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