On Saturday June 18th – Civic Day – Maidenhead Civic Society will be launching its third art competition Maidenhead and Me. Click here for details.

If you have an image that you would like to be displayed here, please send a copy to info@maidenhead-arts.org.uk A photo of an art-work would be good! Needs to be in landscape format to suit the page please.

The Maidenhead and District Arts Council (MAC) is a charity representing more than fifty arts-based community groups and individuals who operate in the Maidenhead area. You can find out more about the Council in the About Us section.

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To see the directory of member groups click on one of the drop-downs at the top of any page. They will lead you to pages containing up to the minute information about each of our member groups and are organised to lead you through to your area of interest. So if you need a creative outlet, a way of exercising the left part of your brain, or like-minded friends to meet - there’s bound to be a group to try out!


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